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Frequently Asked Questions

Without an attorney you are in jeopardy of being taken advantage of, let The Davis Bozeman Law represent you.  

There is no fee associated with scheduling a consultation prior to hiring Davis Bozeman Law to represent you. 

For Personal Injury Cases – In most cases, we work for a percentage of the settlement or judgment. If the case settles without litigation our fee is 33 1/3%.  If we settle the case with litigation our fee is 40%. Davis Bozeman Law will pay for court costs and other reasonable and necessary expenses.  Consequently, we will deduct those amounts from the client’s portion of any recovery. Our Attorney-Client Employment Agreement forms are available online for your review.

If we incur expenses and nothing is collected on your behalf then our firm will cover those costs. That’s right, you won’t incur any out of pocket costs!
There are several ways for you to complete our paperwork and get it back to us:
-You can complete our intake paperwork online
-You can print our forms from the Internet, complete them, and mail them to us
– We can fax our forms to you
– We can mail our forms to you
– We can Federal Express our forms to you and you can return them by Federal Express (we pay)
– We can come to you
– We can arrange transportation to our office
Let us know if you have another idea of how we can help with transportation for you